ITR GY 250

I know you may be thinking is that a serial number from some piece of electronics or something equally as confusing but it is actually the model of my enduro motorcycle I bought recently. I will be posting an comments about my adventures on that machine in the coming months so that everyone can see what fun it is!

The first fixes it required was the highbeam headlight and the tail light. I found the tail light at Canadian Tire but the highbeam headlight required a little bit more searching. I found a replacement at Harbour City Motorsports on Bowen Road. It didn’t look exactly the same but it fit and turned on. The old one had a little piece of metal that directed the regular beam light downwards. It shouldn’t matter too much for now. I can’t take the Class 6 road test until the spring so I won’t be able to ride at night until then. I ride with the highbeam on during the day to be a little more visible so I’m happy as long as it’s bright. 

One important note I found out quickly was the license plate rattles a lot. This means loose bolts will rattle right out. I’ve replaced the license plate once now and I hope to not do it again. I had to call up the police and get a case number in case someone finds it and tries to use it and then go back to the insurance place and get a replacement for 20 bucks. The new one is held on the bike very tightly now with four zap straps!

I’m in the process of finding a jacket and gloves that we keep me warm and dry in the coming months. Being out here on the west coast of Canada makes for a very wet winter.


~ by Ross on December 3, 2008.

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